Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is a tiny Australian island in the Tasman Sea east of Port Macquarie. It's characterised by sandy beaches, subtropical forests and clear waters. In the south, a trail winds up soaring Mount Gower, with sweeping views. Ned's Beach in the north has calm fish- and coral-rich waters. The island is home to seabird colonies, including masked boobies. Dive sites surround the nearby Admiralty Islands.

All private and commercial vessels are required to apply to the Lord Howe Island Board for entry to Lord Howe Island.

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage listed location. Over 75% of the island is designated as a permanent park preserve, surrounded by the Lord Howe Island Marine Park which includes the world’s southernmost coral reef.

Effective environmental protection assists with achieving Lord Howe Island’s overarching environmental vision of protecting the island’s World Heritage values, biodiversity and threatened species.

On-island environmental goals and undertakings are underpinned by the LHI Biodiversity Management Plan and supported by legislation including the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015, Lord Howe Island Regulation 2014 and the Lord Howe Island Act 1984.