Personal Finance Restructuring

1 week

$450 to $800

I can help you identify your cost drivers in your personal finance and build you an action plan to reduce your monthly spending significantly. Please note that I am not a financial advisor or want to sell you any financial products.

What I will do with you is to provide you with an Excel-based program that you can use to update your financial data. I don't need to see any of the details but will guide you through the process of how to identify your "cash burners" and highlight areas where you reduce or totally eliminate monthly spend.

Following this, we then look at how you save and reduce monthly spend going forward. I will not advise you on investments, tax or any of the other stuff. I will only help you to save money from your existing monthly spending. You will be surprised how much that is.

Why does this work and why should you work with me? In my previous career, I led large scale business restructuring initiatives, essentially turning companies around before they went bankrupt.

We will apply the same principles to your personal money situation. This is a trust thing so please book a call with me and we discuss the process.

My cost varies somewhere between $450 to $800 as this depends on the number of accounts, credit cards and related transactions you have per month. Good news is that the more transactions you have the more you will find to save!