Sailing Inventory Allocation

Sailing Inventory Allocation


This is a rather neat little Excel helper to get a grip on your boat inventory. It is pretty much like a stock keeping app that lets you register all the things you have on your boat and give it a location. Once you've done a stock take you can print the lists and keep on the boat or just look it up in the file if you keep your laptop on the boat. 


So here is the basic idea. We used this for our boat for the main stuff we had on the boat. This works best when you move onto the boat and start filling all your corners and hatches with stuff, be it spare parts, tools, or even food and clothing.


The idea is simple. We divided our boats into some imaginative zones, pretty simple with the bow, bulkhead, port and starboard side and aft. 


Each zone has a letter A, B, C, D, E etc totally up to you. See the screenshot in the product photos and you see what I mean. In each zone we allocate numbers to drawers, wardrobes, hooks and storage spaces. A 1, 2, 3 and so on. On out boat the loactions actually have stickers with the location ID.


Now you do you inventory of your boat and assing the locations in the Excel file. If you really can be bothered you can assign an approximate weight to your items and the software will give you a weight distribution across your boat.


You can print the lists by location and by item (A-Z) and will always know where you can find what.