Printable PAN PAN Card

Printable PAN PAN Card


This is a printable PAN PAN card that any sailor should keep next to your VHF.


You can colour print this and then get it laminated in any office equipment store. Once laminated add your details with a black marker pen. Make sure you position this next to your VHF/DSC . 


PAN-PAN is the international urgency signal that is used when you have a problem and would like some assistance but it is not a life-threatening event like a MAYDAY call.


This includes but is not limited to:

  • safety of a person or the boat is in serious jeopardy but no immediate danger exists (but it could escalate into a mayday situation) 
  • used in situations in which the boat has a slow leak or the engines are disabled and the boat is drifting toward a rocky shore
  • you’ve broken down and have been left floating aimlessly.


Having the PAN PAN card ready and pre-filled takes away some of the stress when you get on the radio and ensures you issue a correct PAN PAN call.