you are planning what?

Circumwhat? Circumnavigating the globe. In a small sailing boat. As a family. In our case, that’s two young boys, my wife and me. That’s the idea. My idea.

If you ask my wife she will tell you to go to hell or somewhere similar. No, but seriously, at the moment this is an idea that has been in my head for quite some time (I am talking more than 10 years here) and I will be using this web platform to prepare this journey.

“the plans of sailors are written at low tide”

To be honest it doesn’t really matter if we only circumnavigate Australia – something my wife is on board with 🙂 or the globe. The preparations are the same. The whole thing has to be planned, financed, a boat has to be bought and prepared, we need to still learn an awful lot about navigation, weather and many other things.


I guess that’s a valid question. The answer is pretty straightforward.

Just because.

Plus a few other reasons. Here are some.

Our boys – I still have a chance to help my kids to become even more special than they already are. As a father I want them to grow up and be happy in their own ways. Sending them into a school system that is so far removed from what the future will require from them makes me sick to the stomach. I seriously think I can do a better job on my own with my wife by showing them the world and let them experience life.

Travel – I have always been a nomad, actually, our whole family has a travel bug. Not only have we been to more countries than I can remember but as a family, we have lived in 5 different countries already. You will have noticed from my blog posts that I have somewhat of an interest in how to live a happy life. That’s quite a biggy for me and I have to admit I have probably wasted a good chunk of my life chasing stuff that is totally irrelevant. Pitty it has taken so long to realise this, but hey I am less than perfect.

Our planet – yep, that beautiful blueish, greenish ball covered partly by some white fluffy clouds that looks so great from space. We humans have done an amazing job screwing our planet big time. Get this, our Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Scaling to 46 years, we have been here 4 hours, the industrial revolution began 1 minute ago, and in that time we’ve destroyed more than half the world’s forests. Voila.

By downsizing, living off the grid and more sustainable I want to at least reduce our family’s footprint. And to be super honest with you if sea levels rise by another 2 m I’d rather be on a boat. Pretty simple.

Sailing – I am more of a water person, not the mountain/farming type of guy. Hence, living off the grid on some patch of land with chickens and solar power is not my thing. I love sailing too much and it is pretty hard to travel the whole world without a boat.

Self-fulfilment – sure I also want to do this for myself. Can’t think of anything more exciting. Escaping the rat race and living a more fulfilled life is what I am planning to do with the boxes I have left (read more on this here)


Well, this will take a bit to prepare – I am talking years but I have a very detailed plan which I will share later. It won’t happen tomorrow 🙂

I will be writing about everything that needs to be prepared, boats, other sailing families, safety, homeschooling, navigation… 😉🙏

As always, reach out if you have an opinion or leave a comment down below.