where can you sail?

Bluewater cruising during Covid times has its challenges as any skipper currently underway will tell you. Combine this with daily changing policies and country based travel restrictions and you want to pull your hair out.

Especially if you are underway between countries. In some cases, you don’t even have the chance to understand any new restrictions while on passage or worse you are on passage and the requirements change. Judging by the cruisers I am in contact with every liveaboard is presented with this problem at the moment.

I can’t change the rules but have made an effort to find some online resources that can help to at least get an understanding of what you are up against if you are currently cruising. All of the below resources are free and accessible by everyone with internet access.

North’s Globe View

North is a global marine insurer mostly for large commercial and container ships but that doesn't matter in this case. They provide an interactive global map (Gloebview) pretty much like Google Earth with an interactive Globe. You can zoom in/out and rotate the whole thing. In addition to other information (Covid Cases, location-based warnings and more you will get info and the latest country based restrictions for ports and marinas if you click on the country of interest.

Wilhelmsen COVID 19 Port Restrictions

Wilhelmsen is a global maritime group providing products and services to merchant fleets, again doesn't matter if you are only a tiny sailboat. They provide up-to-date port restriction information on their website via the port restrictions map. Again just click on the country and you get the latest updates for the country.

Passport Index

Lastly, have a look at the passport index’s website. Entering different countries obviously comes with different restrictions, well visa restrictions (or not). This website helps you with the latest updates on where you can and cannot go and what the requirements are. Just click on your passport. Also available as an iOS app apparently.

I hope this helps a bit