the big sail

Got up this morning at 3:45am. Shower and kiss the family (boys asleep – love you boys). Fastest Uber drive to Syndey domestic terminal 2. No traffic at 4:30am 👍

Was a bit anxious about my life vest which was in the check-in luggage. It has a CO2 cartridge and is considered as “dangerous goods” under aviation laws.

I had two options. Not to tell them and hope for the best or tell them and then go through all the nonsense procedures (call manager, get dangerous goods slip and so on). Keep in mind these CO2 cartridges are the exact same cartridges all planes carry under the seats in the onboard life vests.

What can I say I am not good at lying so when lovely “Jenny” asked me “do you have any of these dangerous goods in your luggage (pointing at the poster) I gave in. Only 35min later I was able to go to the gate.

First Jenny had trouble finding the right phone number, then I had to unpack the vest, show them, pack again, another call, manager arrives…anyway I spare you the rest. I made it. Next time I won’t say a word. Promise.

After touching down at Melbourne Avalon the airport presents itself with what must be the worlds smallest luggage claim. Very sweet.

Continued on the Skybus (24$ one way) to Melbourne CBD. Turns out the bloody bus takes longer from the airport to city center than the whole flight from Sydney to Melbourne 😳 Note to self. Fly to Tullamarine next time.

Arrived at Skipper’s house met everyone and then dropped off all our luggage at the boat. Fixed a few things and in general prepped the boat for our big sail to Sydney.

Evening passed quickly and we had an early night.