sv rainbow chaser

As you know we are currently searching for the right boat for us. Our favourite is a Beneteau 57. As with all bigger purchases in life this is about compromising and considering all sorts of options such as affordability, space, seaworthiness and so on.

The one thing you should never compromise on is safety. At least not with a sailing boat. Safety is everything. Everything.

This in return dictates a number if requirements for the boat like size, weight, hull material, engine, age and other important things.

A heavy bigger ship will be calmer in bigger seas than a smaller, lighter boat. Of course there are people crossing the Atlantic or Pacific in a 26ft sailing boat and they had no problems.

However, you’ll have to look hard to find a 4 person family cruising the blue waters on a boat less than 40ft. Most families we have come across live on boat between 35 and 60 foot.

Of course there is also the big monohull vs. multihull debate. A lot of families live on a catamaran or recently switched from a monohull to a cat. I’ll write a blog post about this soon but it is probably the most discussed topic when it comes to boat choices. I personally don’t like cats but they have a lot of advantages compared to monohulls. More about that later.

Anyway, we have our eyes on a Beneteau 57 and we want to call her Rainbow Chaser. The kids want the hull to represent the name so the idea is to paint it the full hull in rainbow 🌈 colours 😉

We did a bit of sketching on the iPad and below is the best result. Another option is to just paint rainbow stripes just below the toe rails and leave the rest of the hull white. Not sure yet.

What do you think?