sailor profile: erik aanderaa | norway

Bikinis, Piña Coladas and white sandy beaches are not his class. At least not when it comes to sailing.

Aptly named the "Viking of the high seas", Erik is a sailor through and through. Although not living full time on his sailing boat, "Tessie”, a Contessa 35, he takes her regularly out into the North Atlantic exploring storm force winds for fun and to test his own limits.

He has been completing trips to Faroe Islands, Iceland, Jan Mayen, Shetland, and Fair Isle, amongst other North Atlantic destinations. Erik is based in Haugesund in Norway and is no stranger to heavy weather and cold temperatures.

You can tell he likes the rough weather conditions. Erik is also a very accomplished, self-taught, filmmaker. Have a look at his YouTube Channel: NBJS - "No bullshit - just sailing".

His style and filmography are as polished as his sailing skills. Erik primarily sails alone, which makes the whole idea of filming and sailing at the same time even more spectacular. If you have ever flown a drone in heavier winds, you get an idea of how this ends when he launches his drones from a moving boat in heavy weather.

I love Erik's attitude to challenges; he is always composed and measured with a clear focus on getting through the rough weather in a safe but fun way.

Erik, you are a true inspiration, and I wish you all the best on your next trip to Greenland.