not one drop

Today I am extremely proud that I haven’t had any alcohol for exactly 365 days and I am not planning to ever have alcohol again.

I am writing this here because I know a lot of people who are in the same situation. Last year I realised more and more that every week I was working towards Friday evenings to have a glass of juicy red wine first and then focus on family or other things. After that first glass, I would calm down and be ready for the weekend.

I drank about two, sometimes three bottles over a weekend. At some point, I started having 1-2 glasses mid-week evenings. After work on the way home, I would already look forward to a drink. In one particularly stressful week, I even caught myself thinking I should have a drink for lunch. That’s when I pulled the plug.

Here is what I take away from the last 365 days.

I feel much better and I no longer have heartburn. My blood pressure went down. I still need to work on this with more sport though. Interestingly I didn’t lose any weight. I expected something like 5kgs to drop automatically but that didn’t happen. I am a bit calmer.

Not drinking in a social / work event environment was the biggest challenge for me. I tried initially but eventually stopped going to “social events in pubs”.

No sense standing next to the watering hole if you don’t drink water 😉