meeting some incredible sea creatures

Last week I had the incredible pleasure to play with stingrays. Yep, stingrays. Well, to be correct they are actually called cownose rays because of their unusual bi-lobed head, with two large fleshy lobes under the snout. Still, they are part of the stingray family.

Honestly, this was one of the coolest experiences I ever had with wild animals. Note, this was not in a zoo but in the open water, well beach. Bendalong Point is known for the rays to come and beg for food from beachgoers. They are extremely gentle animals and tend to swim around your feet gently touching you with their super soft wings. Initially, the whole family was a bit afraid, not knowing if they were dangerous but it was quite obvious the rays were used to coming close to the beach and be touched and handfed by humans.

Over a period of nearly an hour we played and fed a group of 6-8 rays. Most of them had an approximate wingspan of 70 to 100cm. One of the group was a huge ray with probably 250cm wingspan. Have a look at the video below. We had our underwater camera with us and combined the shots with the recordings from our phone cameras.