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George and Kaci from the US started cruising on their power cat in 2019. As they are planning to cruise much further than a power cat would allow them their 2004 Lagoon 43 Power Catamaran is up for sale at the moment.

Thanks, both for answering my questions!

Where have you sailed to already?

Lower East coast of the United States, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

Where are you planning to sail?

South America, The South Pacific and the Caribbean.

Why did you go full-time sailing?

In early 2019 we had a “what if” moment. We wanted an adventure. Something new and exciting that the two of us could share and learn from.

We knew nothing about boats or the lifestyle that we were about to embark on but we knew it would be an epic addition to our lives and we were ready to take it on.

What was the most challenging event you experienced while cruising and how did you deal with it?

We once had a very challenging crossing that really put things into perspective for us. It was the first time we had felt a tinge of doubt. We were down an engine in the middle of the night with rough seas, a long way to go and little progress being made on the issue that was at hand.

It was the first time we didn’t feel fully in control and that was difficult for us. We managed the situation well in the end and applauded ourselves for the teamwork we demonstrated.

Not once did we fight under the stress and when we were able to get to a secure location and drop anchor, we had the issue fixed within hours. We know that won’t be the last time we are in a similar situation!

What was your most amazing experience so far?

We’ve had SO many amazing experiences at sea but one of our favourites was when we encountered a pod of pilot whales offshore in the Bahamas. It was a crystal clear day and the water was like glass.

When we got close enough to see what was in front of us, we turned off the engines and found ourselves drifting with about 12 large pilot whales as they rested on the surface. A few minutes in, we deployed the paddle board and took turns paddling around while the pilot whales swam curiously around us just out of reach under the board. It was something we will never forget!

What do you do when you had an argument on the boat and only have limited private space to reflect?

Honestly, we usually just silently move about our day until we are ready to talk about it. Thankfully for us, that doesn’t take very long. Neither of us likes to let things like that go for too long.

What do you miss the most from your "old" land-based lifestyle?

We sometimes miss the accessibility you have to things like restaurants, parks, etc. We are usually in more remote areas so that is very specific to the region we have been cruising and may change as we explore bigger cities by boat.

What would you say is the most valuable lesson you have learned while cruising?

Many people see cruising as a very far fetched idea of a sustainable lifestyle for them. They assume that they cannot work, they won’t have WiFi, and they need to be expertly skilled to run a vessel. The truth is, it’s very attainable!

Cruising does take a bit of planning but if you have your ducks in a row.. it can be an affordable way to travel and still maintain a connection to your “land life”.

One thing you can not live without on the boat?

Watermaker! We are so thankful that we decided to put one on board. The last thing we want to do is have to pull in every week to fill the tanks!

If you could travel back in time to the day before you set sail what advice would you give yourself?

“You’ll never be ready” we spent SO MUCH time trying to perfect our skills, our planning, our route.. and don’t even get us started on the boat projects!! If we knew what we do now, we would tell ourselves to be prepared, yes, but don’t go overboard.

If you had superpowers what is the one thing you would change in the world?

Honestly, we would be able to remove the plastics from the oceans with a snap of our fingers. It’s so sad to see the amount that washes ashore and what we see floating on the surface.

Your top tips for wannabe bluewater cruisers?

“You just gotta go” You’ll never know it all and the cruising community is so helpful that you won’t have a problem finding help if you need it. Taking the first step is the hardest but once you cast off, you’ll never want to come back!

You can find George and Kaci on Instagram, Youtube and their website.

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