why we keep the lights on?

The advantages of IOT in large buildings are pretty obvious – when heating and cooling systems, lighting, elevators and security are connected and controlled by a centralised solution, the potential returns on investment — in time and money saved, in more efficient usage, and in environmental impacts — are great. Add to that the ability to predict usage trends and equipment failures using data and machine learning, and suddenly, wasted resources drop exponentially. However, I would love to see our non-domestic buildings to just simply switch the lights off at night when nobody is working. Project some individual light lines onto them if you feel that would contribute to the night skyline or air-travel safety. (reasons given to keep lights on) This older study from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute seems to suggest there are no reasons to keep on the lights at all. web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-062509-135650/unrestricted/CaRBFinalReport.pdf