self-driving trucks

Self-driving trucks will have an immense socio-economic impact on society and the trucking industry will be one of the first areas to feel the change of the 4th industrial revolution.

Truck driving is the most common job in 29 states in the US. That’s 3.5 million truckers being impacted by driverless trucks. Morgan Stanley conservatively estimates that the freight industry could save $168bn annually by harnessing autonomous technology – $70bn of which would come from reducing staff and the staff reduction doesn’t stop there. Think along the value chain of trucking: logistics coordinators, local mechanics, truck dealers, consumer car washes, auto parts stores and gas station employees all get impacted in ways that will cause society to be forced to tackle complicated questions.

However, there are plentiful opportunities for society to embrace the change and I very much like the approach the Swedes take. Some more info on “Seizing opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution – supporting the digitisation of the Swedish industry” by *Christina Nordin, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation can be found here.

Blog feature photo by Rhys Moult on Unsplash